5 Tips to Keep Your Teeth White

tsmilebegins.com logo about teeth whiteningIt goes without saying that a set of healthy white teeth widens your smile and boosts your self confidence. White teeth aren’t a coincidence. Just like our other body parts, they need to be tended to. Here are some tips to keep your teeth white naturally. Let’s dig into how you can keep your teeth white…

The Right Toothpaste

Use the right toothpaste. Choose a toothpaste that meets your individual requirements. Fluoride present in whitening toothpastes prevents tooth decay and strengthens your enamel. Desensitizing toothpastes reduce sensitivity. Alternate between them everyday to keep yellow teeth and sensitive gums at bay.

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The Right Tools

Use a soft bristled toothbrush. Change it within 3-4 months. Learn to use it properly. Keep it clean. Ask your dentist about the right floss for you. Never use a fabric that isn’t medically approved to floss your teeth. Use mouthwash. Use picks and other tools suggested by your dentist to keep your teeth white.

Teeth Whitening Strips

These easy-to-use teeth whitening strips are 25 times more effective than whitening toothpastes. They provide you with sparkling white teeth and do away with hard-to-remove stains. These effective gum-friendly whitening strips are to be put on for 30 minutes daily. Initial discomfort subsides and your teeth get used to them. Using teeth whitening strips leaves you with a refreshing feeling.

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Eat Healthy, Act Healthy

Nothing substitutes a good healthy diet to keep your teeth and body fit. Avoid consuming too much processed food. Restrict your coffee and tea intake. Smoking is a big no for various reasons. You don’t want to have stained teeth, gum diseases, oral cancer and bad breath, do you?

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Home Remedies to Keep Them Sparkling

Baking Soda– Use a pinch of Baking soda to scrub the surface stains away. It is mildly abrasive and doesn’t harm your gums or teeth. Being alkaline in nature, it also balances the pH value in acidic mouths.

Strawberry and Salt Paste- The malic acid in strawberries helps breakdown the plaque and removes surface stains. Salt works as the abrasive base of the paste.

Oil Pulling– Coconut oil rinse is one of the most effective natural ways to keep your teeth free of the bacteria that make them yellow. Lauric acid present in coconut acts like a bleaching agent and keeps your breath fresh.

So, what methods are you going to add today to your oral health routine to keep your teeth shining?

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