What Smoking Can Do To Your Teeth

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Smoking has a lasting and major impact on the oral health in many different ways. The major fact that we all need to understand is that smoking kills one in five people from the intense smoking diseases and illness. Basically, smoking includes tobacco and that is an absolute addiction. Plus, it can harm you a lot both psychologically and physically. Smoking hits all parts of your body and particularly your mouth is at extreme risk. Due to the adverse effects of the tobacco, teeth of a smoker are instantly recognizable.

Teeth and Smoking have the most unhealthy combination!

The proper functionality and the immune system of the body get affected with the harmful reaction of hundreds of cytotoxic chemicals that takes place during smoking. With the prolong smoking your teeth may face such adverse and negative impact because your mouth is the main organ.

Dangerous Effects of Smoking:

Some of the dangerous effects on your gums and teeth are listed below:

  • Bad breath
  • Denture and tooth stains
  • Hairy tongue
  • Gum diseases
  • Oral cancer
  • Delayed wound healing
  • Abrasion of teeth

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The Most Adverse Gum Diseases that Caused by Smoking:

Smoking is the greatest risk factor that can cause gum diseases like; infection and inflammation of the gums.

What Smoking do to Your Teeth Mentioned Below:

Gingivitis – The excessive amount of nicotine present in a cigarette can cause narrowing of the blood vessels that can cause less blood supply to the gums plus, the bacteria that is present in the plague can cause more and more harm to the gums.

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Periodontists – This gum problem can occur from gingivitis, the periodontist’s disease can lead you towards the destruction of the bone and the gum around the teeth. Smokers are more at the risk of this disease. Teeth loss takes place in smokers because of this disease and many other problems as well.

Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis – People who smoke a lot, almost about 10 cigarettes per day face this problem a lot than non-smokers. Smoking causes less blood supply to the teeth and also reduce the immunity of the gum tissues. Along with this bacteria provide a lot of damage to smokers teeth and can cause painful ulcerative gum diseases like; ANUG.

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Smoking Can Cause Bad Breath:

Smoking can cause the most unpleasant problem like; halitosis and bad breath. Bad breath usually takes place because of the breakdown of the protein in the mouth by the bacteria. Due to the exhale of the inhaled smoke in smokers cause halitosis, the most unlikely problem. Cigar and pipe users suffer a lot more for the halitosis.

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Oral Cancer due to Smoking:

Most of the studies show that the smokers are more at the risk of oral cancer than non-smokers. Use of alcohol with smoking can increase more chances of mouth cancer. The drying of the Mucosal and due to the alteration of the Mucosal barrier, reduced immunity, high Intraoral temperature and the altered pH can cause mouth cancer and it has many adverse effects.

Smoking Can Darken or Stain Your Teeth:

Smoking can cause a lot staining and it also darkens your teeth. If your teeth are not healthy then you don’t have the confidence to smile properly and to reflect decent personality.

Teeth Whitening:

White Teeth matter a lot because Yellow Teeth look extremely unlikely and unhealthy, plus it can ruin your personality. White Teeth give you confidence, bright smile, healthy life and you can also feel younger. Plus, it is really important to maintain white teeth. Smoking is the biggest reason behind discoloration of the teeth and soon it causes brown, yellow, gray and black stains on your teeth. Tar and nicotine in cigarette promote yellow teeth.

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Lastly, I hope the above-mentioned guide will help smokers to learn that smoking is extremely dangerous and it can even cause death, so try to understand the above factors and try to quit smoking because it includes great disadvantages and hundred signs of unhealthy life. Moreover, it doesn’t look cool, smoking can reduce your good personality and can cause a stain, gum diseases, and many other infections.

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