What Soda Can Do To Your Teeth

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Tooth decay is a major problem that affects the dental health of many people today. The average American drinks at least one soda a day. People tell you how they feel strong and filled with incredible energy after drinking soda. You even find children and teenagers who can’t do without a bottle of soda in a day. Some go ahead to keep a bottle by their bedside when they go to bed at night.

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Have you paused to think about where cavities in teeth came from? The truth is, many diseases like diabetes and obesity have been associated with soda intake. And then you wonder why people don’t just cut down on how much they consume on a daily basis. Soft drinks are as harmful as poor diets which contain excessive sugar content that’s bad for your oral health. In this article, we’re going to describe to you the things that happen to your teeth when you take soda.

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What Happens in Your Mouth When You Drink Soda?

Although you can’t see them, there are bacteria in your mouth. Now, when you drink soda, the sugar in it mingles with the bacteria in your mouth. You know what follows? Acid is formed, and this acid plagues your teeth until it finally commences a destructive mission of damaging your teeth. You know what else is interesting? The more you sip these sugary drinks which also contain acid, the more damage you cause your teeth. Every time you sip soda, the damage to your teeth begins and each time lasts about twenty minutes.

Dental Erosion On Teeth

This consequence comes with both regular and diet sodas. The acid in these drinks reduce the hardness of your tooth enamel, thereby making it weak and soft. Little children and teenagers are the most affected because their enamels aren’t as hard as those of adults. When you consume these sodas, their acid contents dissolve the outer surface of your teeth enamel, and they result in sensitive inner layers. Fruit juices, wines, sports drinks and other sugar-free drinks can also soften your enamel, but their effect isn’t as bad as sodas.

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Cavities On Teeth

The result of the damage to your teeth enamel is cavities, and the implication is that your teeth are no longer protected. So if you’re going to keep your teeth healthy, you have to protect your enamel.

What can you do to Save your Teeth?

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t drink soft drinks or sodas anymore. No, we’re not putting a ban on them. Instead, we hope that you’ll make some changes so that you can enjoy your teeth better. So, what’s the way forward?

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  • Reduce your daily intake of sodas.
  • Brush after you’ve consumed bottles of soda.
  • Instead of drinking directly from the bottle, use a straw.
  • Switch to less acidic drinks like sprite or diet coke.
  • Drink water after soda intake to dilute the sugar in the drink.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste which can help you reduce cavities and repair the weakened enamel.
  • Don’t sip all day.
  • Consult with your dentist.
  • Drink sufficient water.
  • Always check the bottle for the sugar content.

To keep your teeth healthy and your laughter hearty, you need good teeth. So if you’re convinced that excess soda intake has negative impacts on your teeth and overall wellbeing, take the first step in the right direction. Contact your dental care. Let’s help you get your smile back!

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